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Countries indicated in blue have notified organisations to carry out authorisations under the Recreational Craft Directive.
Please go to list of Notifed Bodies for details.

The Recreational Craft Sectoral Group (RSG) has been established to assist in the uniform application and interpretation of the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) by all Notified Bodies and others parties with valid interest.

The objectives of co-operation within the RSG are:

  • to share experience and exchange views on the application of the conformity assessment procedures with the aim of contributing to a uniform understanding and application of requirements and procedures;
  • to elaborate opinions from a technical point of view on matters of conformity assessment procedures by seeking a consensus;
  • to give advice to the European Commission following its request on subjects related to the application of the Directives;
  • to consider aspects of ethics related to Notified Body activities and to elaborate, if necessary, statements on that topic;
  • to remain in coherence with standardisation work at European and international level;
  • to remain informed of harmonisation activities at European level.

This is accomplished by co-operation among certification organisations, user organisations, and manufacturers, who are participating in the development of the RSG Guidelines.

The tasks of the RSG

  • to be a forum for exchanging information and raising issues of common concern relating to conformity assessment and other technical aspects;
  • to define points of difficulty, propose possible solutions and either agree on a common solution or agree on the equivalence of several solutions;
  • to prepare recommendations and draft guidelines for acceptance by the Standing Committee established under the RCD and for the European Commission;
  • to receive and discuss European Commission guidance documents and other information pertinent to the practical application of the RCD;
  • to collect and collate questions and problems arising from the practical application of the RCD and to present these, together with RSG recommended solutions, where possible, to the European Commission.

The composition of RSG comprises the following parties

  • Notified Bodies
  • The European Commission
  • The Recreational Craft Industry
  • User Organisations
  • European Standards Bodies

Some history of RSG

To facilitate a coherent application of New Approach directives the RSG Group was formed in 1995 (1st meeting was held on 1995-11-17). The RSG Group was mandated from the European Commission based on the Framework for Co-ordination and Co-Operation Certif 94/6 Rev 4a to deal with technical questions and implementation of the Recreational Craft Directive 94/25/EC (RCD) as amended.

RSG is also registerd as a non-profit organisation located in Belgium (asbl-vzw).

Usually biannual meetings are held and specific questions to the RCD in the form of a "Proposal for Enquiry" (PFE) are put forward to the group and resolved in the form of a "Recommendation for Use" (RFU). The RFU's are published in an annex to the RSG Guidelines or can be downloaded from this website.

RSG Guidelines are updated annually and released for general guidance and application by Notified Bodies and manufactures. The latest edition of the RSG Guidelines is available form this website or. Registered visitors of the RSG website will be informed by e-mail when a new version of the RSG Guidelines is released.